Fixes for the Most Common Doggie Disasters

The old adage goes “dogs are man’s best friends,” and that’s surely true, as dogs provide families with unconditional love, emotional support, protection, and companionship. But with the good, can come some pretty annoying bad. Face it! Dogs come with some doggie disasters.

But before we get started, always remember that dogs need attention. And just like idle hands lead to devil’s work in humans, idle paws also lead to trouble. Any of the doggie disasters below may be a consequence of boredom, so make sure your pup is getting a lot of exercise and attention. If you have a busy schedule, hire a dog-walker to stop by once or twice a day to walk your dog while you’re out or hire a pet-sitter who can keep him company more regularly.

Here’s a look at some common disasters and how you can avoid them.

Jimmy Choos Chewed

Your shoe envy finally got the best of you, and you invested in an expensive pair of designer Jimmy Choos. But it turns out that Rex the family dog had that same envy, so he’s taken a liking to your favorite Choo shoes too. Only his appetite isn’t for wearing them to the latest dinner party soiree — it’s for dining on them instead.

The  Fix:

According to the ASPCA, you can manage destructive chewing with these tips:

  • Provide plenty of chew toys.
  • Make sure your doggie has edible chew treats.
  • Keep anything you don’t want chewed up out of paw’s reach.
  • Kennel them during unsupervised times.
  • Establish a deterrent like spraying them if they persist.

He Thinks He’s El Chapo

Before you know it, Rex has taken to the backyard and is burrowing an infamous escape tunnel. While he isn’t tunneling to escape the feds, his digging can be just as destructive.

The Fix:

According to experts, you can stop digging by making sure they have a place to cool down, providing a spot to dig, adding exercise, clearing your yard of rodents, and providing more interactive toys.

He’s Hellbent on Bark Messaging His Lady Friends

Dogs love to vocalize, whether it’s howling, barking, or whining, and while it may not bother you or his local girlfriends, chances are it’s driving your neighbors crazy. Before they get so irritated they call the cops, get it under control.

The Fix:

The American Kennel Club offers a great online video to walk you through how you can train Rex to stop calling his gal pals.

He Bites, and It’s Not Because He’s Teething

Just like toddlers, some dogs love to bite. For some, it’s a playful nibble, but for others, it’s an aggressive territorial behavior. Either way, you’re going to need to tend to this disaster before you end up in serious trouble.

The Fix:

The Humane Society recommends a number of things to keep your dog from biting.

He Chases Anything and Everything

So you’ve watched the mailman running down the road, and it isn’t because he’s training for the half marathon — he’s actually running from your loving pet, Rex. This predatory instinct can lead to a whole host of disasters, so don’t let it go.

The Fix:

Keep your dog confined behind an electric fence, on a leash, or inside during times when you’re expecting deliveries. Most communities have good dog parks available for safe running.

He Missed the Part on Potty Training

You can’t potty-train a dog the way you do your children, so you’ll need to approach the situation in an altogether different manner.

The Fix:

Read some dog trainer’s advice on how to get your dog to ask to go outside.

Rex doesn’t want to be a bad boy. In fact, he wants to be the loving companion you want him to be — he just isn’t quite sure how. So, give him a little parental help. Use these tips and he’ll be disaster-free in no time!


Photo Credit: Pexels