How to Save Your Home and Your Wallet from Common Dog Messes

Even the smallest dog can cause the biggest messes. If you have dogs in your home, you may also have a never-ending battle waging against fur, dander, and saliva. However, there are some simple tricks that can make tidying up even the most fur-filled homes less of a hassle. To help you deal, here are a few budget-wise tips to tackling those pesky pet messes. 

You’re Going to Need a Good Vacuum

If you can only splurge on one cleaning tool, you should focus on a fur-busting vacuum. Even breeds that don’t shed tend to leave little paw prints on floors and furniture. So, check out websites with online reviews so that you know you are getting a vacuum that can easily handle all of your dog’s messes. Think about your home size, the texture of your surfaces, and all the intended uses to help you settle on the best model.

For those stubborn hairs that seem to be left behind, or for cleaning in-between vacuum jobs, you can use lint rollers and hair removal tools to keep your home and clothes looking extra tidy. Using a specialty brush on your dog’s coat can help reduce shedding and prevent stray hairs from ending up on your surfaces in the first place. Plus, brushing out all that dry fur and skin will help your pooch look and feel better as well. For any pet supplies you may need, check around for Target in-store coupons to help you save a little money at the register.

An Air Purifier May Be a Good Investment

Picking up a good vacuum is your first line of defense in preventing allergens from building up in your home. However, maintaining an allergy-friendly home with dogs involves a few more measures as well. If a family member suffers from allergies, try to keep your pup from lounging on their bed or furniture. Another good step for improving your pet-friendly home’s air quality is to pick up a pet-friendly purifier. Air purifiers work to clean these harmful particles out of the air before it reaches your airways, which can provide some serious relief from allergy symptoms. Spending money on an air purifier can potentially lead you to spend less money on antihistamines and pricey cleaners, so it’s a good idea all around. 

With that in mind, it’s also a good idea to stay on top of your HVAC unit’s air filter, which can become clogged with pet hair, dander, and other allergens. According to Arcadia Power, you should change your filter every two months if you have a pet.

You Don’t Need to Use Toxic Cleaning Products 

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on cleaning products to get all the fur, dander, and saliva off the surfaces in your home. You also shouldn’t rely on potentially harmful chemicals to keep your house clean and tidy, especially when there are so many dog-friendly non-toxic cleaners that you can use to take care of messes in every corner of your home. These gentle yet effective products can be especially useful if your pup has sensitive skin or allergies. Of course, if you really want to save money and stay safe, you could also make your own all-natural cleaners and stain removers. In fact, vinegar is often the very best solution for removing tough pet stains and smells from fabrics and carpets. 

Attention to Grooming and Hygiene Is a Must 

If you’ve read this far, you already know that brushing can reduce fur fallout. However, keeping up with other grooming basics can help keep your home — and your dog — spotless as well. Schedule a bath for your dog once a month (or as recommended by your vet), and wipe those adorable paws off after trips outside. Dogs can track all sorts of grime and germs in on the soles of their feet, so cleaning and trimming should be among your go-to grooming steps. Some other grooming secrets that can cut down on costs and cleaning include using cornstarch as a doggie dry shampoo. While you’re at it, take care of your pup’s teeth! This last step can cut down on a lot of unpleasant pet odors and save you thousands in vet bills. 

Having the love of a dog does not have to leave your home or budget a mess. It’s possible to keep your home pet-friendly and tidy without spending all of your savings. Just use the tips above to take the headache and hassle out of cleaning common pet messes. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash